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At Happy Cats Wellness we help you keep your cat happy and healthy.

About US

Information on the Internet can often be conflicting and even downright wrong. That's why we're here; we sort through it for you to find the most accurate and up-to-date information.

about US

A happy cat makes a happy home.

We're Cathryn and Gene Jirlds and we believe that the animals we share our lives with are deserving of dignity and respect. They share with us the same rights for access to necessary resources and the kind of lives that lead to contentment, good health, and happiness.


Cats don't get the care they need for good health

When cats don't get the care and resources they need for normal behavior, the resulting stress causes them to act out in ways that make them and us unhappy. And behavior disorders can lead to medical problems.

We've cared for cats for several years and for much of that time we relied on conventional wisdom, or advice from family, friends, and Google. We discovered that most of that advice was confusing and conflicting, or just plain wrong.

With the help of our veterinarian and the websites listed on our Learning Resources page, we learned how to reverse unwanted behaviors and how to prevent them in the first place.

Why we're here to help others

We created Happy Cats Wellness to share what we've learned with you and to help all cats live happier healthier lives. Please join us and tell your friends so that together we can give them the lives we know they deserve.


Happy Cats Cat Champions do what's right, not what's convenient.


Become a Cat Champion

When we bring cats into our home we become responsible for their health and happiness.

The Happy Cats Cat Champion promises to:

  • Create  a compassionate and cat friendly home environment

  • Become the cat's principal health-care advocate

A Better Way to Deal with Over-grooming

Over-grooming is a very common condition in cats and there is usually no quick, easy solution. Some intervention is required to prevent the condition worsening until a solution can be found. Happy Cats Kitty Koveralls to the rescue!

You are your cat's primary health care advocate. 

Cat Champions Do What's Right, Not What's Convenient

The Cat Friendly Practice®  

A veterinary practice that provides exceptional care for cats by reducing stress and making visits much easier for the cat, for the owner, and for the veterinary staff.

The Happy Cats Home  

Cats are unique creatures with all sorts of cute little quirks that make them easy, wonderful pets--until they're not. Make sure you know their essential needs for normal behavior.

Become a Cat Champion today. Start now.

Health Care Advocate

Your veterinarian needs to know everything you know about your pet. Partner with the veterinary team to give your cat the best care.

Regular Wellness Exams

Cats hide their discomfort from the untrained eye, and regular wellness exams are needed for early intervention in health concerns.

The Bond of Trust

Regular and predictable, loving interaction with you is essential for building the all-important bond of trust with your pet.

We want to hear from you. Please, send your comments and suggestions.


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