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Becoming a Health Care Advocate

This post is the kernel for the Pet Health Care Advocate book.

We're blessed to have the best veterinary schools, animal hospitals, and veterinary care in the world. But even the best veterinarians can't provide the quality of health care your pet deserves without help from you.

You know your pet better than anyone and your veterinarian needs to know what you know.

Pay attention to your pet's normal daily activities. Get to know their behavior, their likes and dislikes, their appetite, litter box habits, even aspect of their normal life. Keep a journal of what's normal for your pet and when you see. change, make note of it. If you have a question or concern, don't wait to see what happens next, message your veterinary clinic and make an appointment if they think the situation calls for it.

It's sometimes hard to notice the little indicators of poor health or even injury, especially in cats. To make sure your pet gets the attention they deserve, a regular wellness exam should be scheduled. That means taking your pet to see the vet even when it seems perfectly healthy. Those wellness exams may be the only chance for early detection of illness or injury.

Your pet depends upon you and so does your veterinarian. Become an active participant in the health care team. Become your pet's health care advocate. That's what we at Happy Cats Wellness call a Cat Champion.

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