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Declare Your Support

Cats rule the internet! We laugh at their antics and we fall in love with their unique and sometimes quirky personalities. But while we are entertained by Internet celebrity cats, there are millions of cats around the world that struggle simply to survive.

Please sign the International Declaration and ask your friends to sign too.

That’s why International Cat Care, the charity arm of the International Society for Feline Medicine, launched the International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats. The declaration seeks to develop a clear framework intended to protect and improve feline welfare.

Life is difficult for cats all over the world, and those cats desperately need our help. Solutions to their problems won’t come easily. Needed change will come only through the cooperative efforts of many different groups and organizations. Everyone must meet their responsibilities at all levels.

International Cat Care asks that you read and sign the Declaration:

“If you believe that the quality of life of every single cat matters, whether it lives in our home or on the streets, please sign the Declaration. Together, let’s make the world a better place for cats.”

> You can read and then sign the Declaration here.

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