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A Happy Cat Home

As companions and caretakers of cats, we have an obligation to give them the best life possible. We can do that by providing veterinary care on a regular basis, and by providing the resources they need for normal, instinctive behavior. Anything less will lead to undue stress and increase the probability for behavior disorders.

Basic needs to avoid stress and feel secure.

The suggestions found in our Happy Cats Foundations of Health, at the bottom of this page, will help you to recognize your cat's basic environmental needs, and allow you to respond to them in ways that are designed to avoid stressful conditions that lead to behavioral issues. The result is a happier and healthier pet and a more satisfied you.

For a full discussion of your cat's environmental needs, and suggested responses to satisfy those needs, refer to the AAFP Feline Environmental Needs Guidelines. The AAFP website can be found by clicking on Learning Resources in the menu at the top of this page.

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Happy Cats Foundations of Health

Step 1:  A Secure Hiding Place

Step 2: Essential Resources for Normal Behavior

Step 3: Stalking and Capture Play

Step 4: Loving one-on-one Interaction

Step 5: Respect the Sense of Smell

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