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Regular Wellness Exams

"Many cats are not getting the care they need for healthy, happy lives."

That statement is perhaps one of the most alarming findings from a study conducted by Bayer Animal Health. The study confirmed that visits to veterinary practices had been in a gradual decline over the 10 year period that preceded the study.

Too many cats are not receiving routine wellness exams

"By far the most important finding is the misperception by many pet owners that regular medical check-ups for pets are unnecessary," said Ian Spinks, President of Bayer Animal Health North America.

Declines in wellness care are correlated with increases in preventable and treatable diseases.

Cats are able to hide their discomfort from the untrained eye and regular veterinarian exams provide an opportunity for early intervention in medical issues or behavioral problems.

A wellness plan should be tailored for each individual cat.

No two cats are alike and each cat has specific needs. Be sure to discuss the following subjects with your veterinarian:

  • Weight and age-appropriate nutrition

  • Exercise and enrichment

  • Water intake and litter box habits

  • Dental concerns

  • Noticeable changes in body or behavior

  • Overall level of cat contentedness

Find a Cat Friendly Veterinary Practice

If you don't already have one, you should consider choosing a certified cat friendly veterinarian. The Cat Friendly Practice® is designed to reduce the stress of veterinary visits and to improve the quality of care. Learn more about the program and find a Cat Friendly Practice® near you by clicking here.

* The Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study was commissioned by Bayer Animal Health and conducted by Brakke Consulting and the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues. You can learn more about the study by clicking here.

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