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Your Cat is Talking to You

Susanne Schotz has spent much of her life studying human speech at Lund University in Sweden. When she realized that her pet cats had similar speech patterns, she and her team launched extensive research to decode the language of cats.

Cat lovers can begin to understand what their cats are saying.

Thanks to those studies and her new book, The Secret Language of Cats (Hanover Square Press, 2018), we cat lovers can begin to understand what our cats are trying to tell us.

Meowing is only used to speak to humans.

Schotz says that "Many cat sounds are used with humans as well as other cats, but meowing is mainly used with humans." She explains that, "Meowing is an attention-seeking sound which can mean different things depending on the situation: feed me; play with me; help me, and more."

I'm learning to read my cat's meows combined with body language.

I'm beginning to learn a few of my cat's remarks and, so far at least, they seem to be requests of one kind or another. I must say too that understanding the cat's body language seems equally as important as the actual vocalizations. Overall, I feel that this book is helping me inmy personal growth as a Cat Champion.

Your Cat is Trying to Tell You Something

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